General Transportation Regulations

Bianco's Limousine and Livery Service shall not be responsible for any injuries that may occur due to horse play, rowdy behavior or inebriation while the vehicle is in motion, at a standstill or entering or exiting the vehicle. All passengers will keep body parts such as arms, feet, hands, etc. inside the vehicle at all times. Standing in the stairwell of any vehicle is strictly prohibited.

Bianco's Limousine and Livery Service strives to ensure the best operating condition of all its accessory systems, but due to unpredictable failure rates of accessory systems, we cannot guarantee the operation of all our electronic systems. No refunds or adjustments are given for accessory system failures or unavailability unless all systems are down. We also cannot guarantee the fulfillment of requested drivers or vehicles but will do our best to accommodate your request.

We recommend that all personal valuables be removed from the vehicle when unattended. Bianco's Limousine and Livery Service shall not be responsible or liable for lost or stolen items from the vehicles or any establishments that you visit. Items, aside from food and drink, that are provided by Bianco's Limousine and Livery Service within the vehicle (special occasion decorations, drinkware, etc.) must remain inside the vehicle and be in their original condition at the end of the trip. Missing or damaged items will be charged to the host/hostess at the cost of their replacement. In such instance, a receipt for replacement will be provided to the host/hostess. We do not allow decorations, signage, etc. to be hung, tied, taped or fastened to our vehicles in any way.

The host/hostess understands that the time of the transportation begins when the vehicle leaves our garage located at 449 Pittsfield Road in Lenox, Ma and ends when it returns back to the garage.

Bianco's Limousine and Livery Service is not liable for delays caused by Acts of God, public enemies, authority of the law, quarantine, riots, accidents, strikes, breakdowns, bad roads or weather conditions, and other conditions beyond our control.

There shall be only one designated pick up location for guest boarding unless pre-approval has been granted at the time of booking. Additional pickup/drop-off locations are subject to an additional cost.
The vehicle capacity booked will be clearly stated in the reservation contract and may not be exceeded. If more guests are present at the time of boarding, the host/hostess may choose to a) pay additional costs for a secondary vehicle, or b) turn away additional guests. Depending on the size of your party and the type of event booked, an additional monitor may be present to assist the driver with general on-board operations.
All of our vehicles are smoke-free and there is absolutely no smoking of any substance allowed. Smoke breaks may be taken in lieu of restroom breaks. If in addition, they are subject to availability and will be billed as overtime at a rate of $1.50 per minute.

Payment Agreement

The rate quoted for the Charter Services is an estimate based on the information that you provided to Bianco's Limousine in connection with your reservation. There may be additional charges including damage to the vehicles, injury to the driver, overtime (i.e., exceeding the time of your reservation), traveling further than originally requested and clean-up that requires a greater than normal amount of time and material necessary to clean the vehicle properly ("Excessive Cleaning"). The fee for Excessive Cleaning shall be determined by Bianco's Limousine in its sole discretion but the minimum fee is $100. There is a minimum fee of $250 for the clean-up of any bodily fluids including but not limited to vomit, urine, feces, blood, etc. Food or beverage spills, as well as gum, are subject to excessive clean up fees.
Client shall reimburse Bianco's Limousine directly for any other expenses incurred in connection with the provision of the Charter Services, including driver's lodging, tolls, parking fees and additional stops (the "Customer Expenses") and Bianco's Limousine shall have no responsibility or liability for any such Customer Expenses.
A Deposit of 25% is required in order to reserve a date/vehicle. This deposit is non-refundable and will be deducted from your invoice total should there be no incidentals. The remaining balance will be charged to the credit card on file on the day-before service, unless prior arrangements have been made.
If a deposit is not taken, there is a $30 administrative fee for cancellations. That fee is 25% for 8+ passenger vehicles and fees are double for the following "Holidays":

  • Day-before, day-of and day-after Thanksgiving
  • Xmas Eve & Xmas Day
  • New Year's Eve & New Year's Day
  • Valentine's Day
  • Easter Weekend
  • Memorial Day & Memorial Day Weekend
  • Independence Day & Independence Day Weekend
  • Labor Day & Labor Day Weekend

No refunds shall be given for cancellations that occur within 24-hours of service. In the event a credit card refund is granted, the customer is responsible for the 5% credit card fee.

All rates include tax and tolls. Driver gratuity is not included unless otherwise specified. We accept cash, check, Venmo or all major credit cards. A fee of $35 will be charged for returned checks. Should your check not clear, or your credit card be declined, services will not be rendered until payment has been rectified.

Receiving credit card information by any method such as telephone, fax, email or in person denotes a commitment to purchase transportation services and authorization to charge the credit card. Regardless of payment method, all transportation requires a valid credit card on file in case of overtime, overcapacity, or incidentals.
By providing credit card information, you hereby authorize Bianco's Limousine to, and Bianco's Limousine may in its sole discretion, initiate entries to your credit card provided by you at the time of reservation, for the payment of any such deposits, invoice totals, overtime, overcapacity or incidentals. Failure to provide payment at the time of service may result in the termination of the reservation, at the discretion of Bianco's Limousine.
A client may change a reservation subject to (a) the availability of the required Charter Services as proposed by the changed reservation, (b) payment of the applicable fee as determined by Bianco's Limousine in its sole discretion and (c) the approval by Bianco's Limousine in its sole discretion.
Subject to the foregoing, all reservations are final and all payments and deposits are non-refundable.
All transportation includes one bathroom stop along the route, for every two-hours of travel. Any additional stops or stops outside of described route will result in an additional cost of $1.50 per minute and $.50 per mile ($3/minute, $1/mile for the limo bus). Any additional stops MUST be cleared with dispatch to ensure we are able to accommodate them. Our drivers are not responsible for supervision outside of the vehicle.
Should you either request additional hours or go over your scheduled time, you agree to have the set amount, in increments of 30-minute blocks, charged to your credit card on file or paid to the driver in cash. If you prefer to pay cash to the driver at the close of your trip, a receipt will be provided at time of payment. If more guests are present than the vehicle is equipped to carry, a secondary vehicle will be sent for the additional persons and you will be billed accordingly. At the end of the transportation, any and all damage caused to the vehicle, its windows and/or any accessories will be assessed and billed to the host/hostess. There is an automatic $100-minimum fee for damages, theft, extensive cleanup such as spills or sickness/vomiting. This amount will be charged to the credit card on file or the host/hostess shall make payment within one week.
We allow a 15-minute grace period for all rentals. Anything after 15 minutes will be considered overtime and billed as such. Overtime amounts vary and will be clearly indicated on your confirmation/invoice.
Your charter is reserved for the time block indicated on your invoice. Should you be late to board the vehicle, your end time remains the same. Should we be able to extend your end time, you will be responsible for the additional time, billed in 30-minute increments. If your being late prevents the driver from being able to arrive at his next pick-up on-time, we reserve the right to terminate your charter without refund. A driver will wait no longer than 20-minutes at the scheduled pick-up location for passengers to arrive.
If you reserve transportation regularly and have payment terms with us, there will be a $15 fee for every 30-days that your invoice is past-due. More than one past-due invoice will result in the denial of future bookings until past-due payments have been rendered.
Should anyone in the party become belligerent, aggressive, or abusive to the driver or any other patrons on board, the driver will provide a verbal warning. Should this behavior continue, or should it not warrant an initial warning, the driver will pull over at the next commercial location or well-lit location, the vehicle will be evacuated and the authorities will be called. Our drivers are not permitted to restrain any passengers; however, they may act in self-defense if necessary.

Host/Hostess Liability

The host/hostess acknowledges that payment, in any form, is acceptable of these terms, conditions and disclaimers. The host/hostess also accepts responsibility to inform all passengers of the same and to enforce all terms and disclaimers. It is recommended that the host/hostess inform all passengers to read and acknowledge this disclaimer prior to boarding the party vehicle.

Bianco's Limousine and Livery Service reserves the right to terminate this contract for noncompliance of the above regulations. All information is binding and cannot be altered or changed without the verbal or written consent of Bianco's Limousine and Livery Service.

Shuttle Services

A shuttle itinerary will be determined prior to your date of service. Bianco's Limousine is committed to following that shuttle itinerary and is not responsible for late/absent guests. Guests are expected to adhere to the shuttle itinerary and plan accordingly. It is not the responsibility of the driver to retrieve guests for departure.
The shuttles will depart at their scheduled departure time(s) regardless if the shuttle is full or not. Should guest(s) be tardy, they will need to wait for the next shuttle. Should their tardiness affect the capacity for future scheduled shuttles, the guests will need to wait for the final shuttle. Should no other shuttles be scheduled, or should capacity not allow for these guests, said guest(s) will be responsible for arranging their own transportation. If the shuttle is not needed for another booking, the guest may request that the shuttle return back to retrieve him/her, however they would be responsible for payment to the driver in 30-minute rental blocks.
It is the responsibility of the booker or wedding planner to ensure guests are split amongst scheduled shuttles accordingly and more guests than the shuttle's capacity are not left to be transported at the time of the final shuttle departure.
If a "Flex Shuttle" is reserved, you give Bianco's Limousine the right to make as many shuttle trips as necessary to transport every guest to their final destination. This means, if the number of shuttle trips exceed the agreed-to itinerary, the booker is responsible financially for the additional shuttles and the credit card on file will be automatically charged for any overtime incurred. If gratuity is based upon a specific percentage, this amount may increase with overtime as well.
While Bianco's Limousine strives to remain on schedule for shuttle itineraries, we are not responsible for unforeseen delays and no refunds will be given for failure to meet the exact times of the shuttles.
Any guests who are rowdy or fail to comply with shuttle rules will be let off the shuttle at the nearest commercial business and left to arrange their own transportation from there. This decision is solely at the driver's discretion. Bianco's Limousine will not be responsible for tardy shuttles due to the emergency evacuation of a guest.

Transportation Reservation: Under 21 Years of Age

We require all transportation to be reserved by someone who is 21 years of age or older. If you or your guests are under 21 years of age, you must have a parent/guardian be the signatory on the contract thus acting as the host/hostess. Along with the signed contract, the host/hostess will need to provide a copy of a valid state issued identification, email address, and cellphone number. The vehicle may not begin the transportation unless all required documentation is received. As the signee, Social Host Law, M.G.L. c.138, s.34, applies if underage guests are discovered in possession of alcohol at any time during the transportation.

If anyone on board the Vehicle is under 21 years of age, the event will be treated as an underage booking. All underage transportations are required to have a parent/guardian/monitor present at boarding of the transportation, as well as a chaperone throughout the event, with the exception of direct Prom/Homecoming transportation. The adult signee may opt to a) be the onboard parent/guardian chaperone, or b) arrange a third-party chaperone above the age of 21. The monitor will be present at the boarding of the transportation to ensure that passengers do not bring alcohol or contraband on board. No coolers or bags larger than a wristlet or wallet (i.e. 8 in x 5 in) are allowed on the vehicle. Client agrees that the monitor can search each individuals' items and person as they board the vehicle and once on board, including but not limited to looking into any belongings or guest pockets. The adult chaperone must ensure that no underage alcohol possession, consumption or other illegal activities occur during the transportation on board or at any desired destinations.

If an underage passenger is found in possession of alcohol or appears intoxicated, the chaperone will call a parent/guardian and the operations manager to inform of the transportation termination and all guests will be immediately transported back to the pickup location. Under this policy, the driver also reserves the right to park on the side of the road and wait for parent/guardians to pick up their underage charges. No refunds are given if the transportation is terminated for underage alcohol possession or intoxication.

The same protocol applies to marijuana or illegal drug use, destructive, offensive or rowdy behavior and driver harassment. Conclusion of termination for these reasons is strictly at the driver's discretion and no refunds will be issued.

If the host/hostess waives having a monitor present, all of the above will be left at the driver's discretion. Should the driver not feel comfortable completing transportation without a monitor present, a second driver may be assigned as a chaperone at a rate of $15/hr., base-to-base. Video monitoring may be required for transportation of a minor without a chaperone

Transportation Reservation: Over 21 Years of Age

Alcoholic beverages can be brought on board the vehicle if ALL guests are over 21 years of age. Massachusetts Open Container Laws do not apply to passengers of motor vehicles designed, maintained, and used for the transportation of persons for compensation. This is pursuant with M.G.L. c.90, s.24I. Every guest must present a valid state issued form of identification to the driver and/or bouncer at the time of boarding if alcohol is carried on the vehicle. Illegal substances of any kind are prohibited on board the vehicle. If alcoholic beverages are brought on board, it is the host/hostess's sole responsibility to ensure that all guests are of legal drinking age and carry a valid identification card. As the signee, Social Host Law, M.G.L. c.138, s.34, applies if underage guests are discovered in possession of alcohol at any time during the transportation. Any guest who fails to present a valid form of identification will be unable to board the vehicle when alcohol is present. The host/hostess may opt to either a) remove all alcohol from the vehicle or b) deny access to the underage individual.

Pursuant under M.G.L. c.138, s.22, all passengers combined are not allowed to bring more than eight cases of malt beverage or one gallon of other alcohol on board, or their measured equivalent. The host/hostess shall not allow passengers who are drinking alcohol or appear impaired to drive home. The host/hostess shall be responsible to ensure all guests have a designated driver for their use. If none is available, the driver shall transport the guest to a safe location and the host/hostess will be charged this time at the current hourly transportation rates.

Bianco's Limousine and Livery Service cannot guarantee the entrance to public locations due to overcapacity or other foreseen issues by the establishments. There is no recourse or refunds offered if guests are unable to receive any VIP Privileges at establishments. If no destination is provided prior to the transportation start, the driver will follow a designated route throughout Berkshire County with designated bathroom stops every-other hour or as requested.


By moving forward with our services, you authorize that you have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions of your transportation booking.