▪ Beginning Memorial Day Weekend and running through Labor Day Weekend, we will be offering TEN DOLLAR TAXI SERVICES from Lenox to Lenox on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings from 5PM until 10PM.

▪ Bookings may be made online by using the scheduling tool on this page, or by calling 413-SAY-TAXI during business hours (Th-S, 5PM-10PM)

▪ Rate is $10 per person to enter the vehicle, plus driver gratuity.

▪ Payment is due at time of booking and is non-refundable. Only the number of passengers booked may enter the vehicle.

▪ We accept all major credit cards.

▪ Valid for point-to-point transfers within Lenox only.

▪ Not valid for service that requires wait time (i.e. to a store and back).

▪ Does not include round trip transportation. If you exit the vehicle at a location, you will need to call to reschedule a second pick up for an additional $10/pp to be brought anywhere else.

▪ Upon arriving at your pickup location, the driver will wait no more than 5 minutes for passengers to board the vehicle. If no one has boarded the vehicle after 5 minutes, the driver will depart and a new booking will need to be made, which will be accommodated in the order in which it was received.

▪ Disrespectful behavior toward our vehicles or drivers will not be tolerated and will result in the immediate, non-refundable termination of transportation. This is solely at the driver's discretion and in such an instance, guests will be dropped off at the nearest commercial location.

▪ Due to the nature of this service and in an effort to keep the price point low, this service WILL NOT be valid for transportation back from Tanglewood concerts.


Often, tourists come to visit historic Lenox and end up stranded at their hotels because there are very few Uber/Lyft options, if any at all. And our area's single taxi company is often overwhelmed with requests leading to very long wait times. People frequently call our luxury car service, which has a one-hour minimum charge, looking for a five to ten minute ride. All that being said, we have put together an affordable taxi service solely for transportation within Lenox, Ma.! Please familiarize yourself with how it works prior to booking.