Will You Go to the Prom With Us?

Will You Go to the Prom With Us?

Impress your classmates by riding to the prom in a limousine

You picked out your outfit, you ordered a corsage and boutonniere and you've made dinner reservations. Now all you need to do is request a limousine from Bianco's Limousine and Livery Service. You, your date and your friends will have a wonderful time riding to the prom venue in the lap of luxury.

We offer a selection of limos that support different group sizes. You can order a stretch limo that seats up to 7, or a super-stretch limo that accommodates 10 passengers.

As soon as you know how many of your friends will be riding along, call 413-281-6948 to schedule a limousine pickup.

Getting ready to rent a limo for your prom

There aren't any time restrictions on our rental limos. You can use the car as late into the night as you want. We can travel all over for your prom - from Berkshire County, MA to Eastern NY, Northern CT, and Southern VT. You can also arrange a wait time for an extra cost.

All you have to do to request a limo ride to your prom is call us, or have an adult 18 years or older call us on your behalf. We'll help you decide on the car that works best for you.

Contact us today before our limos are all booked.